As a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, I have written and reviewed thousands of CVs in the course of my 13 years career and I have developed a very easy CV format that has worked for over 90% of my CV clients.

I am sharing that template with you in this post, IT’S FREE.

This CV template is suitable for all experienced hires, and suitable for all industries. Its simplicity makes it perfect for the ATS, and it is created with Microsoft Word, which makes it easy for you to edit.

The CV format will help you condense your skill set, years of knowledge and experience and your achievements, into 1 or 2 pages.

Download the CV Template here

A few things to note:

The CV template does not have a place for pictures: Do not include a photo of yourself with your CV if you are job searching in Africa. In places like the EU, Latin America, UAE, etc. a picture is a requirement.

Personal details are omitted: Personal details like your religion, political party, local government area, state or origin, marital status, date of birth, etc. are not required unless you are applying for a government job .

Referees are not included: Unless you are applying for a government job, there is no reason to list your job references or add the phrase ‘References available upon request’

While the template will help you figure out how to create a CV that will land you the job, we also recommend sending your CV to us via this email address for a FREE CV REVIEW .

Download the CV Template here

We hope you find the template helpful.

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