It was my first job after school, I worked as an IT Support in a Newspaper house, I had to work shifts, and show up at work on public holidays and festivals and I didn’t like that I missed family gatherings.

So I spoke to my mum who spoke to my uncle who spoke to a friend that runs an IT firm.

On a rainy Wednesday just like today, I got a text from my uncle with an address in a part of VI. The text said ‘go and drop your CV at xxxx Limited’. My office was in Marina so I took a bike during the break time to drop the CV while wondering why I couldn’t send it as an email.

Anyway, I got there, told the Secretary I needed to drop my CV with Mr. XYZ. She told me Mr. XYZ was conducting interviews and asked if I was next applicant. 🙄Appli-what?. ‘No ma’am’, I responded. I was just asked to drop my CV, already panicking because I was not prepared for the interview.

She said I should just prepare in case he wants to interview me. 1. I wasn’t dressed for an interview 2. I didn’t know Jack about the company or the services they offered.

While I waited for him to finish up his interview sessions Madam Secretary did a crash course with me and gave me details on the questions she thinks I may be asked. Between us and my Bold 7 Blackberry phone we practised a few things before he came out, saw me and invited me in for an interview.

In retrospect, I should have told him I wasn’t ready for an interview but I thought I’d just try. Of course I did badly, even though I answered questions about the company well because the Secretary coached me (he commented about it), I flunked questions around the core job function, wasn’t able to distill my experience into simple words, etc.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I’ve found out that I’ve needed coaches in my life after that Secretary, whether ones I paid or people around me that coached me in areas I needed help and I can be that coach for you.

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