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5 Must-Use CV Writing Tools

A CV is one of the most important career documents, it is key to landing that job interview and technology can help check how readable your CV is, consequently increasing your chances of making a striking impression with a hiring manager or a potential employer. This post provides you with several tools that can help you with that.

  1. Grammarly: Grammarly is a writing app that makes sure everything you type is not only correct but is also clear and easy to read. Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in your CV and offer context-specific suggestions to help with grammar, spelling and usage, wordiness, style, and punctuation. Grammarly also scores your overall performance in areas of word count, readability, and vocabulary and the benefits of using Grammarly to check your CV could be the difference between unemployment and your next job interview because it helps you create an error-free CV.
  2. Hemingway: Hemingway App is an editing tool designed to help you polish your writing. It focuses on identifying common errors that bring down the quality of your prose, it also flags confusing sentence construction, overuse of weak adverbs, excessive passive voice and the likes. Hemingway analyses texts and informs you how easy it is to read, as well as what changes could be made. It also highlights lengthy and complex sentences.
  3. ResumeWorded Keyword Finder: You\’ve probably heard you need to tailor your CV to each job you are applying for because the majority of employers these days use Applicant Tracking Systems to weed out job applications that do not have all the right skills and keywords. To ensure your CV gets past the ATS, you need to include the right keywords and skills. Resumeworded Keyword Finder helps you analyse the job posting you are applying to, generate keywords from the job description and then come up with a list of important keywords you should include on your CV. Add these keywords to your CV and increase your CV\’s chance of getting called for an interview.
  4. Jobscan Resume Scanner: Finding a job means demonstrating you’re the best fit for the role and the goal of every job seeker is to make it easy for potential employers or hiring managers to see their CV (which is the first step in the job search process). As always, my recommendation is to tailor your CV to demonstrate how you match the qualifications and skills stated in the job description. Jobscan is a web tool that will help you with that, it analyses how well your CV and Cover Letter matches a job by parsing, ranking, scoring, and graphing the job description and your CV and suggests to you the improvements you need to make and skills you need to include on the CV or Cover Letter.
  5. Fancy CV Template Websites/ CV Builders: I always preach to job seekers to keep their CVs as simple as possible, so the ATS can make sense of the information therein but if you want to hand-deliver your CV or you are in the creative industry and you want to do more with your CV designs and templates, there are several online CV builders you can use for your CV. These web applications provide you with CV building tools and eye-catching templates, some of them are,,,, novoresume.

Take some time to go through the various CV Writing tools and try them out. I am certain you will find at least 2 that will make CV writing easier.


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