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A few years ago, 9-5ers who moved too soon were tagged as not focused or not committed, a few years down the line, job hopping has become acceptable even though some companies still do not hire or even send interview invites to job applicants who have not worked in an organisation for long. I also came across some research that shows that two-thirds of employers have opted not to interview someone who has had short stints at companies.

I remember speaking with a client organisation that wanted me to recruit for an Executive Secretary for the MD, and they specifically added that the successful applicant must have worked in one company for at least 3 years.

This phenomenon of changing jobs or switching roles often or working briefly in one position after another rather than staying at any one job or organisation long-term is labeled job hopping and it has become more common for people to move from job to job in recent years because more people are reaping the benefits of job hopping.

Is Job-Hopping a Good or a Bad?

Job hopping cannot be categorised as either good or bad, but changing jobs the right way and at the right time will help you develop a truly satisfying career, it can also help you garner a variety of competencies, help you climb the career ladder quickly and might even boost your earnings.

Here are some benefits of Job hopping.

  1. Salary Increase: One benefit of switching jobs is you may make more money. People always use every new job offer as an opportunity to negotiate a salary increase, this ultimately may mean you’ll earn more than if you were on one job.
  2. Diverse Skill Set: When you job hop, working with various employers means your experience is diverse and extensive. The various skill sets across various industries are always valuable in the workplace and are also transferable.
  3. Career Growth: Many companies offer promotions once a year or once in 2 years and this does not allow fast upward mobility. So if there isn’t room for growth or there isn’t an opportunity to get promoted in your workplace, switching jobs may be the best way for you to advance your career. A new job is inevitably a new chance of making a big leap in your job title!
  4. Build a Professional Network: If you’re job-hopping, you build new relationships with a new team every time you change jobs and that means invariably that you have an extensive professional network and an extensive professional network will be of help to you at some point in your career.

If you decide that job-hopping is right for you, make sure you’re doing so with intention, always determine ahead what you’ll gain from each switch- a better title, opportunity to work in a dream company, higher salary, learning, etc. Whatever you decide, ensure it will benefit you professionally eventually!

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