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Some people hate Mondays because they do not enjoy their jobs, some because the work environment is toxic, some others because they did not get enough rest during the weekend but several people hate Mondays because they are in a career rut. If you are in a career rut and you do not know how to get out, this post is for you.

How do you know you are in a career rut? When you start to feel disengaged from your work, you are constantly unproductive, the quality of your work begins to suffer, you do not feel challenged anymore, you do not feel like you are learning anything new, you are becoming satisfied with continuously delivering low quality of work, or you do not care about your appearance then you may be in a rut.

In this post, I share 3 steps to get out of a career rut.

Step 1: Appraise yourself and your work.

Inquire, ask yourself questions, and find out why you are dissatisfied. Know what you appreciate and hate about your current role? – Is it the the job function, the salary, your co-workers, the work environment or your boss? Is it because you have been on the same role for years? Do you hate the long commute?

Identifying the issue will help you address the fundamental problem and make sure that in trying to get out of the rut you don’t just jump into another job that you\’ll hate.

Step 2: Know what needs to be done.

Once you are certain what the issue is, or what changes need to be made, find a way, know what exactly what you need to do. If the reason you do not like your job is because of the environment, your Line Manager or Colleagues, find a way to bring it up with HR if possible, if not then start job searching actively or leave if you can afford to. If it’s because of the long commute, move houses, find a friend or family that stays closer to your workplace and stay there during the week.

If the issue is the meagre salary or lack of promotion, work on a business case and approach your Line Manager or HR for a salary increase or promotion. If it’s the job function then find out what you really want to do, talk to a Mentor or a Career Coach, get the required skills or leverage your transferable skills, plan to redo your CV and start job searching or start using your weekends and nights for what you love or enjoy or get a side gig, start up a business, volunteer, etc.

If you have been trying to get out and sending your CVs out with no callbacks, redo your CV, brush up on your interviewing skills, network, inform people about it. The idea here is to list out what the problem is and find a way around it.

Step 3: Develop a road map and stay on track.

Once you have done step 1 and step 2, then start up with step 3. Start planning, put dates and follow the process. Identify the right goal, and what direction you want to go and create a game plan to achieve it. Since you now know your CV is badly written, set goals with timelines for when you need to rewrite your CV. If you need to learn a skill, set a goal for when you need to register for a course. If it’s the meagre salary or lack of promotion, set a timeline for when you need to think about your achievements and speak to your line manager or HR.

For instance, if the problem is that you do not enjoy working as an Admin Manager or you think you are more suited for a Sales role, then your goal maybe something like –“Get a job as a Sales Manager in 4 months”. You may draw up a plan that looks like this:

Assess my expertise: Ask yourself this question, “what skills can I leverage for a Sales role?”. If you sell on the side or own a business, then you can leverage that experience for the Sales Manager role. If you do not have any skills, this is where you make plans to either enrol for courses in sales, start a business, or sign up for network marketing gigs. Also, if you need to take a course, how long will it take? Figure that into your plan

Rework my CV: Update your CV to reflect the transferable skills or qualification, set a date for this. Factor in how long it will take you to write or use the services of a professional CV Writer.

Start sending out applications: Schedule some time in your calendar to send out your CV. 30 minutes after work every day or 2 hours during the weekend. Be intentional about sending out your CVs to job openings.

The idea is to know the goal, set a timeline and break the goal down into measurable and small tasks so it’s painless to follow. It may take you days, weeks or months but make sure you commit to the tasks. Some days you will be too tired to attend your class or send in the application but do it anyway, the key is to make forward movement each day and whether you know it or not, these tiny, little things are your way out of the rut, so do yourself a favour, set yourself up for the career that is right for you.

The 3 steps above will work if you can find out the challenges when you go through step 1, but if you are unable to find out why you are in a rut, you may need to speak to a mentor or employ the services of a career coach. If you successfully find out what the challenge is and these 3 steps work for you, congratulations!


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